Tadpole TP34V VME board Linux Port

This is the second release of a not so buggy linux port for the Tadpole TP34V VME board. This is a 68030 33MHz board with dual 53c710 SCSI interfaces, 82596 Ethernet, and six serial ports.

My tp34v runs 24 hours per day in the garage, with one 200MB disk on each scsi interface. I use it as a file server (it exports one of the disks), and as a way of driving the serial ports of several other VME systems. I run several copies of 'minicom' inside 'screen'. Record so far is a 90 day uptime (before the serial driver hung the kernel).

To try this out grab the following:

From debian.txt you need to follow the instructions for setting up a disk on a Linux PC, and then transferring the disk to the TP34V. Read the README from tpldr.tgz FIRST, as that tells you to leave 3MB free before the first partition.

This is a 2.2.1pre1 based kernel, so dpkg may give problems with symlinks, and you do need to set /dev/console to major 5 minor 1.

This kernel image is somewhat improved over the last one:

Richard@sleepie.demon.co.uk - last update 7th Aug 1999